Lord, my woman is talking
Give me four ears to hear her…

Lord my woman is talking and speaking
Give me six ears to listen to her…

Lord my woman is talking and speaking and saying things
Give me eight ears to understand her…

Give me more ears Lord.
She is saying this and that, that and this…
That I this and that she that.
Blah, blah, blah, my woman’s bleating.

Lord, she is saying that in 2004, January 4th, in the morning, at 4 a.m. I…
Lord, how does the morn of early 2004 matter today?
She is saying that I don’t listen, never give her an ear…
Lord, add me ears I share with my woman in coming years!

Lord, my woman is speaking in tongues
About hair and love, pink and lollipop, black and forest, ooh and aah;
My woman, she says Tina is a bitch and Ali is a bitch and I bitch and…
Oh Lord, more ears please: my woman is bitching!

Lord lend me ten, twenty, thirty, hundred ears
(or cut off my woman’s tongues)
Quickly my Lord, because my woman just called to say:

We need to TALK!

5 thoughts on “Lord My Woman Is Talking

  1. Just wait till you read the published one…heheheheee! By the way, could you guys call your men and tell them, ‘We Need To Talk!’, and enjoy the shock!

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