The Etisalat Prize for Literature is a pan-African literary prize that celebrates first time writers of published books of fiction. To cater to unpublished African writers, the Etisalat Prize has a flash fiction category.

Winners of the flash fiction category will receive:

Winning Author

  • £1000 cash prize
  • Smart Tablet Device
  • Published E-book promoted online and via SMS

Runners Up (2)

  • £500 cash prize (each)
  • Smart Tablet Device

Voting is now open for the flash fiction category and I would like to urge you to vote for the three Kenyan entries.

Orem Ochiel / Kenya
Title: In an effort

The decision was made to castrate all men in the country.  A man with a functioning genital is a danger to himself and others.  He is the most extreme hazard.  Castrations began immediately.  How quickly.We listen to stories of survival and realise that, under the same circumstances, there is no way we would have survived.Relative to the movement of the crowd the bullet is zigging, zagging, wending, winding, meandering, past bodies, whistling through sleeves,past curving shoulders, across straps of held bags, past them, grazing about knees, past, past, seeking out its target. Read more and vote

Linda Musita / Kenya
Title: Lopsided Beauty

I am honey that attracts ants. I would rather be a flower that attracts hardworking bees. I was not a beautiful baby. A blessing, sometimes, because it is an unwritten law of nature that an ugly baby grows into a beautiful toddler and a more beautiful adult.
Fate had other ideas where I was concerned. Read more and vote

Annah Mkoji-Masiga / Kenya

When Savanna danced, it was murder. She dashed her audience to pieces by her enchanting motions. She became a swirling hurricane – twisting and turning from side to side.  She captured everything in her path. Even I, fell victim to her wiles.

I was a young man, new in town, ready to tackle my scholarship at the local university. My roommate introduced me to the ‘Dungeon’. It was a night club. Read more and vote