Now that she’s back in the atmosphere
With drops of Jupiter in her hair
And drops of mercury on her lips
The twinkling dance of stars in her hips
And little beads of poison on her kiss
I ask her about her stellar ramblings.

She took off into the sky one night
The stars were twinkling
The moon was bright
She spread her wings
And took her flight
To find herself a star.

She said that gravity and I
To keep her earthbound had contrived
She said that I was like a weighty thing
That held her back from taking wing
“Just something,” she said, “you need to know.”
So I set her free and let her go.

So she took off and flew over the horizon
Coasted through the galaxy
And made her way across Orion
Flirted with white dwarves, danced with novas
And the brightest stars you ever set your eye on-
She partied with the stars but now she’s back.

Did you find him? Did you?
Out somewhere near Leo?
Somewhere along the Milky Way
Or down by Scorpio?
Do his eyes twinkle
Like the lights of gems are in his eye?
Did your heart find its twin
Somewhere around Gemini?
See, while you were out there
Looking for your star
I was just over here-