Is it just me or is there a guy for every job you need done in Nairobi? You need a device and you’ll be referred to a guy who can get it at the best price. There’s a guy who repairs phones he has never used because he cannot afford them. He has no form of formal training but he learns fast and knows his way around devices. The tailor, designer and artist too work out of talent and practice skills not harnessed through training. I applaud these people and the city for letting them thrive!

Enough people pursue careers different from what they specialized in in school and the fact that Nairobi gives such people a chance to excel at what they are good at, even without formal training, makes me proud. Sure, education is important and the city boasts of many prestigious schools. However, there are many more ways to learn like apprenticeship and the city accommodates all. In addition, the city arguably has the best hospitals, eateries and other amenities and you are bound to get the best services too.

If you have had the pleasure of watching the lovely Nairobi sunsets then you can count something to be proud about Nairobi. The sun sometimes gets unbearably hot and you will want to hate but as it sets, you cannot help but stare in awe. Sunsets and sunrises will very often be in photos that describe the beauty of Nairobi, and you will love the sun more for the colorful fashion trends it influences. Nairobi’s rain, however, pours with fury like a woman scorned and it just lets you know that you can’t get the best of both worlds.

If you carefully watch what Nairobians do or say then you can almost always find a reason to smile or laugh. The humor on Nairobi streets does make me proud for sure. The witty sayings on matatu stickers and the satirical talk by drivers or conductors cannot go without mention. Most times you will be tuned to particular stations that though we love to hate, do make our days ocne in a while. Sometimes you need a quiet ride yet the music is loud and drivers toot incessantly but you’re still proud you get to your destination safely.

Nairobi is no piece of cake, to be honest. Most times there are too many people on the streets and you naturally hold your valuables closer to your skin, because it may be someone’s hustle to relieve you of them. Jobs aren’t that easy to find and many people who come to live their dreams here don’t get to. The fact that Nairobians are fighters, however, makes me proud. They do not move away amidst all the challenges but they work and hustle for a better tomorrow. And I celebrate Nairobi for those folks who don’t quit however tough the going gets.