Do you know what they call “The star at the center of the solar system? The star that the earth and all other planets revolve around? , The star that provides light and warmth to all these wretched beings and everything on their precious planet, Earth? ”, Sun. They call me The Sun. Sun…Such a short word for something so important don’t you think? Given the magnitude of the work that I do and the level of importance that I have, three letters is a bit of a rip off. I feel a bit short changed, quite literally but my name is the least of my issues so I’ll save that pesky jabber for another day.

Every day I wake up at the exact same time even on those days when I feel I just want to sleep all my troubles away, I have to wake up and serve them. I watch them as they move around in their hurried little footsteps trying to fix this and that, rushing here and there, worried about this and that, all this time unaware of the effort it takes to keep them alive.

I was talking to my good friend the Moon the other day and he was saying something about how much evil he sees in the night and how sometimes he wishes we could exchange and he could work during the day and I during the night. I found it a decent enough proposal. Think about it, imagine me not having to wake up early in the morning I could just sleep all day and all night I would be busy seeing all that “evil” he speaks of.

We started talking about who sees more good than who and who sees more bad than whom and as it slowly turned into an argument, I asked him “Would you rather watch the evil during the night or have to stand the pretence and hypocrisy during the day.” To this he had no answer though I’m starting to think he just lets me win all the arguments.

Long, long time ago as you can imagine I’m quite old now, when the world was created I used to love my job. See I’ve not always been this grumpy and indifferent. I used to love the fact that my ascent signified the start of a new day. New days which brought new life, renewed strength, new chances of love, and opportunities for growth.

I don’t mean to say this in a sort of attention deficient way but back then I was appreciated. Not appreciated in the sense that the humans would send me flowers and write me love letters as I see them do to each other, no. Appreciated in the sense that they actually valued time, every second that they had to work and play and share and sit and chat and love and sing and dance, they seized it. And I would just sit there watching them value life and value time and I would bask in their glory as they would bask in mine.

Things seemed to have changed now and I can’t seem to see that felicity any more. I can’t feel that ambience of belief and virtue that once seemed to fill the air. All I see now is desolate life and jaded spirits. Of course there are a few exceptions but there is so much trouble in the world and I’m starting to feel weary. My ascent is meaningless as new days bear no difference they don’t bring hope or promise they just signify the passing of time and nothing is changing.

It’s not easy watching all this suffering and anguish. From up here especially the people seem ten times smaller but their problems seem ten times bigger. I wish there was a way I could turn back time and make them see that in life there is value and in time there is substance but time without value is void and time with value is treasure.

Maybe one day The Big Guy up there will  finally give me that leave I’ve been asking for ,for so long and the people would have to go without day and live only in night. Maybe then they would appreciate the value of light and realize the chances and opportunities that each new day brings. Until then I wait for a simpler time to come praying that the simpler time is not long gone.