The dreamer didn’t dream
the dreams of his father
Those dreams to him
Went a little bit further.
The dreamer’s dreams
didn’t just fill his nights
His dreams weren’t whims
of power and might.
The dreamer dreamed
Of a new world order
A utopia, it seemed
Impossible in this border.
Still he dreamed his dream
And his dream grew
It burst at the seam
Sprouted branches new.
Then his dreams weren’t dreams
They underwent a fission
Now the dreamer deems
His dream is a vision.
The dreamer’s friends reckoned
He was a seed in its kernel
That bright light beckoned
At the end of the tunnel.
But his dreams didn’t abate
And he dreamed as he knew how
For the end was too late
And he needed light now.
And they asked him to wake
And scoffed over him
His reputation was at stake
But he dreamed his dream.
And when the dreamer’s dream
Became his life
The dreamer’s life
Became their dream.

© Claudette oduor