The rage notwithstanding
Only to those that can understand
The options are many to all and sundry
The instance to it is shallow at its best
Choice is what can be explored and made worth

But the rage is also ignorant
Being made ‘wise’ from quarter baked information
Petite information is hazardous to mankind
Makes one imagine they are omnipotent
Yet they got it all wrong feeling herculean

Perhaps trying to find relevance is the goal
Though the energy could be more productive elsewhere
Not that it is in vain
But the value in the rage is mislaid and unwarranted
Seek, ask and find, you shall get it right, the first time

Consciousness dictates knowing all sides to a story
Makes one a fuller, knowledgeable citizenry
You make a fool of yourself and still expect respect
You are yourself culpable as you drive claptrap around
It could win you an award by the way
The award of being hollow, hapless and hopeless fellow

What do you stand to gain again!
Make your input worthy and countable countless
Not just cheap, ineffectual publicity
Which will at its best discredit your otherwise laudable societal standing
You make that choice and live with the responsibilities
Regret should be the last feeling in the aftermath
Over to you protesting protester.