He stands at her doorstep,
Coat pressed,badge in place,
Taking in the air,
Pregnant With the promise of sunshine rain…
A gentle knock from his hand
Sets his mission in flair..
And so he waits for an answer,
With anticipation too much to bear
He can hear her breath on the other side of the door..sweet..
So he smiles..then he waits.
He waits for her answer to his unspoken question,
Communicated through their senses,affections and passions,
Hoping that with each passing thought through her head
Shall bring him long awaited happiness and satisfaction..
Yet he knows that it might not be so,
And in his eyes glow a hint of courage mixed with a fear of rejection,
So he knocks again,as if to remind her that she is the cause and effect,
And probably will be the end
To his dream of life’s perfection..
And so he waits..

She leans on the door,her back against it,
With intention of having her heart as far away as she possibly can,
Tears made from elements of want and doubt,
Her heart wants in but her feelings want out..
She can feel his love for her seep through the cracks,
Intoxicating unintentional captivity..
She turns around,her chest now against the door..
And with a tear in her eye,she whispers to herself
‘There are two hearts whose movements thrill,
In unison so closely sweet,
That pulse to pulse responsive still
They both must heave or cease to beat…’
The clarity of her intent swallowed up in her own silence.
She hears his gentle knock again,
As if to remind her that she is the cause and effect,
Herself knowing that she IS the end to his dream of life’s perfection.
And with a tear stained smile she gives the lock a click
With the unopened door saving herself the real aftermath of war,
And she walks away from eventual hurt and pain..
Leaving him there standing,waiting in the sunshine rain…

© murugi kagotho