Wonder aches through
Pushing past all sense
Into uncharted waters
To a place few explore

Hushed into silence
Bound to submission
She is but a fragment of herself
She is no longer the voice she thought she was

Smoke resonates around the room
All is dark
But the faint light at the corner
And the sweet smell that implores her
She moves but can’t undo her restrains

Wonder soars through her veins
Anguish dispelled by the heat in between
She’s lost for words or maybe its thoughts
Her mind isn’t hers anymore
She sighs and smiles at that thought

Seconds pass into hours
And she is excited by the allure of another
A whip and a smack all over
What’s the change of the pain?
That grips her with no disclosure

A game she willing entered into
She finds herself craving gratitude
But the shadow that tames her to the core
Is reluctant to give her more
More of what she moans for

There she lies
Confused but then quietly sound
Will she play along to his song?
Or will she run further more into the unknown?