You will find all sorts of people in Nairobi and in my opinion, they make the city move. If you go looking for a person with certain traits then you can almost be sure to find them in Nairobi. Some are extroverts who are celebrated for their speech rather than actions while others are great handymen. The successful but uncelebrated introverts will often be forgotten because they live an extremely private life but they are definitely a force to reckon with. You will find a few people who are very knowledgeable and more people who think they know it all.

What’s common about all these people is that they have a hustle/means to earn a living, and those who don’t are actively searching for one. It fuels their aspirations gives them reason to work and hope for better. There’s always someone who’s working at creating something new or making better what already exists and another’s thinking about a service they can offer to make a few extra cents. New businesses sprout each day and entrepreneurs create new opportunities. These people move the city through their hustles.

Strangers do not seem to have trouble starting conversations especially in informal environments. You only need to give them bait, which is often loud music, harsh weather or bad driving in matatus and they’re good to go. Conversations are held everywhere and it is through these that positive ideas are often shared and as each person works to improve their lives, their net efforts make the city a better place.

Nairobians are quick to adopt new trends and they’ll often work hard to get them. Some will want to ride in the newest buses even and wear the newest clothes and they’ll do their best to enjoy luxury of some sort. Religion is another major influence on Nairobi’s growth considering most people subscribe to a particular faith and are driven by hope. We also have to be proud that our road network is developed, and though it needs work, at least it helps us get to where we need to be.

How great a place becomes partly depends on its people and Nairobi wouldn’t be what it is without its populace. I believe the people make the city grow by their determination and diligence with which they work towards their goals. I’d describe Nairobians as ambitious, hardworking and creative, and they make the city move by these qualities. Who/ what in your opinion makes the city move?