In the still of the night, I stand alone;
Underneath the navy-blue sky;
The night chill numbing my soul;
The silence driving me insane;
The night owl coos overhead;
Soft winds rustle the branches above;
I curl underneath the soft sky;
Frozen tears burn my cheek;
My lips quiver in desperation;
The night wears on…
The stars glimmer with hope;
What hope?
Questions my stubborn heart;
Will the sunshine burn this pain?
Melt the dew,
Chase the mysteries of the dark?
Or scorch my bare back,
Leaving me arched and aching?
I know not! But…
My eyelids give way;
For the first time since forever;
To beckon the silent warmth;
And I bathe in the morning dew;
I dance!
To the frenzied sound of the morning lark;
My lips curve to the warmth I feel;
I sing a song that I know not;
My hardened heart melts…
And the worries of the night are naught;
As I bask in the joy of the morning;
As I embrace the gift of light;
As I dance…
In the joy of the Lord!