Pressed and crushed by life’s cares;
Stretched far, my frame tears;
Heavily weighed, my soul numbs;
Heavily troubled, my mind crumbles;
I try to cry but my tears laugh back;
I try to scream but my throat is cracked;
So, wrapped in my arms;
I rock my frame, my soul, my all;
Slowly swaying to my staggered breath;
Slowly repeating what I believe;
It will be over soon.

It will all end sometime… won’t it?
I try to be still and listen;
To the promises I hold so dear;
But my mind can’t quiet;
It screams, it reels, it spits;
And in the dark, it takes me places;
Beyond the horizon, above the clouds;
The ocean depths, and back to me;
I wish it could stop!

By daytime it torments me;
Laughing at my pain;
Peals of laughter searing through my heart;
Aaagh! make it go!
I cannot stand it!
Lock it up somewhere!

Just, give me back me;
The me that believed;
The me that knows He cares;
The me that was;
I want me back;
I want You back;
Then it won’t matter;
Cause I’ll know You are there;
Cause I know You care;
Cause You’ll quiet my soul;
Wash away my pain;
Walk me through the turmoil;
Cause You’ll heal my heart;
Cause You alone matter.

You alone;
My Redeemer;
My Saviour;
My friend.