occupy nairobi

Story Moja Hay Festival is almost here, and as usual poetry and music enthusiasts will be given a special treat. Last Year The School Bell Rang, this year Story Moja Hay Festival brings you the stir-up Occupy Nairobi.

The Nairobi National Museum Courtyard is set to come alive on the evening of September 21st from 7.30 pm. Spoken Word, Rap, Graffiti, Urban Afro-soul, Jazz and Rock ‘n’ Roll will be fused together to provide entertainment all night.

Abu Sense,  AlostChild, Checkmate Mido, Dissi, El Poet,  G-cho Pevu,  Kennet B, Namatsi Lukoye, Ngartia, Nzilani, Raya Wambui, Samo and The Almighty and Tear Drops will be on stage to wow you with their poetic prowess. International poets Warsan Shire and The Sonnetman will also perform.

Music will be provided by H_art The Band and Just A Band as one of Kenya’s leading photographers Mutua Matheka will  be launching a special cut of his film, “Portrait of a City”.

The whole production is directed by Elsaphan Njora.

Tickets go for Kshs. 500 and can be bought on www.ticketsasa.com

Find more information on the event by following the hashtags #occupyNairobi #SMHayfest #HeroesVsRats #ImagineTheWorld