Ain’t that the way it always starts? –
A simple round of conversation
Becomes a subtle flirtation
A suggestion, an invitation;
Torturous tantalization…

Hey –

What ill wind blew you round my way?
What is this game you want to play?
All those delicious words you say;
Lies –
So sweet…

Hush, now; settle down
Garments falling to the ground
Shame, shame, go away
Come again another day –
Hush, now; settle down
It’s baser instincts presiding
Jekyll’s gone into Hydeing
Heart on heart,
A two-track beat
On and on, and on repeat
Faster, faster – crushing heat
Sweaty bodies, dusty feet
And faster, and faster, faster go
Anticlimax the crescendo…

Everything freezes for a fraction;
A little shudder, a contraction;
A little sigh of satisfaction…

Hey –

C’mon, now, look the other way
There’s nothing more for us to say
Zipping noises, trouser hoisting –
Eyes avoiding.

Hush, now; settle down
Button up, don’t make a sound
Shame, shame; Go away!
Come again some other day
Use me up, spit me out
Leave me spent and broken on the ground
Shame, shame, here to stay
All over me – I can’t escape
Shame, shame, all over me
Like your lipstick on my skin.