We stare, transfixed, at the glittering stars
Like the mages of old;
We follow where they would lead us –
To no new king
But maybe a new scene –
As we stare adoringly,
Reflected in our eyes
Is the twinkle-twinkle-flash
Of their artificial radiance…

We stare, awestruck
At their heavenly bodies
Matchless in their grace, their poise, their beauty
Moulded with the precision
Of a surgeon’s knife
Perfect, almost, to our adoring eyes
Peering at them through our lens –
As Galileo once did –
Fingers always outstretched
Everyone dreams of touching a star…

All around these little suns
The world seems to revolve
Though some are little more than shooting stars
Streaks in the night sky
Why do they fascinate us so?
Earthbound man has ever looked
For something to worship
Even now he still believes
That all that glitters
Is a god.

He used to look to the night sky
For guidance, for answers…
Now he just turns on his television
And tunes in to the latest news
Celestial celebrities
Larger many times than life
And the full scope of the horror is –
Though they may not believe in horoscopes
They live and breathe and swear by their stars –
In them, they are beliebers…