The heart that loves the most
Is the same that gets broken the worst
But the heart that loves the least
Is the one that sees life through mist
For the soldiers who come forth from war
With blood and wounds and tears in the eyes
Are the ones who fight harder and better
And help win battles and wars in future
For having seen life through blood and tears
They can fight even through the thickest mist.

So open your heart and let love flow
Through the orange light of morning light
Till the crimson light of evening twilight
And while your spirit may sometimes be low
Remember that while love may break your heart
And make you see life through blood and tears
It leaves your spirit intact, even stronger
And helps you see life thru the thickest mist
For those who love the least cant see through it
But right in that mist, you just might find
The heart that loves YOU the most.

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