There comes a time when, emotions, one cannot deride.
When, a feeling, man can no longer abide to hide.

When such a moment befell young Albert Mwiti, he made a decision;
Grabbing a keyboard and hitting each key with uttermost precision,
He summoned all the artistry he had learnt from books and teachers,
Then slowly thought over every word and laid out a verse:

I shut my eyes and see your face
Every night, on my cold bed
Hugging my pillow, I wish for warmth
For your rhythmic breathing and heartbeats
Your scent, intoxicating fragrance
The static of your glorious body
The arches and column of your nose
The fine line of your mouth
Which holds that fatal smile
Kissing me

For your touch after fiery lovemaking
The morning-afters enjoyed with coffee
Preceding movie dates
Long serene walks
Laughter in the most beautiful of soirees
And cuddles in solemn times
We be butterflies in a flower filled garden
Tended by the amorous chubby cupid…

But I wake up to find wish turned to dream
So I arise and bear all day
Thinking of you and waiting for night to fall
So I can go back to paradise
To you

He revised his piece and, satisfied with the intensity of mush,
Attached it to an anonymous email and sent it to his crush.
Well, a day, two, three, four, a week crawled by
And when at the brink of losing hope, he got his reply.
It too was apt, very honest, and said,
“Just hope I do not catch you faggot or you’ll be dead!”
That was all it was, not a word less, not one longer.
Oh! Only it was signed, “Go hang! Austin Gitonga”