Authors Buffet

The writing space in Kenya has seen a bit of growth in recent years with the introduction of new writers . There has also been renewed interest by Kenyan readers in Kenyan literature. This has led to conversation on literature powered by book clubs, commentary in newspapers and blogs, and writing competitions geared towards discovery of new writers.

In the spirit of this new interest in literature, a group of writers have put together a joint book signing event dubbed the ‘Authors’ Buffet’. The event is scheduled to be held on Saturday 18th May at the Junction from 11am to 4pm.

The aim of the event is to give readers a chance to meet some of their the favourite authors. It also aims to create an opportunity for authors to share experiences and best practices especially with up and coming writers.

The authors in attendance will be:

1. Jennifer Karina (Marriage Built to Last)
2. John Sibi-Okumu (Role Play)
3. Bonnie Kim (The Greatest Secret)
4. Winnie Thuku-Craig (Broken to Be Made Whole)
5. Binyavanga Wainaina (One Day I will Write About This Place)
6. Joyce Mbaya (GIBEBE)
7. Anthony T. Gitonga (Made for Greatness)
8. Nganga Mbugua (Different Colours)
9 Kinyanjui Kombani (The Last Vilains of Molo)
10. Joseph Ngunjiri (Henry Wanyoike: Victory Despite Blindness)
11. Dr. Charles Orero (Pride in Knowledge: a Kenyan Experience)

Musyoki Muli, the MD of Longhorn Publishers and writer/publisher Barrack Muluka will also be in attendance.

Readers in Kenya do not get many chances to meet and interact with Kenyan authors because most literary events prefer to mostly host foreign authors. That being said, I hope that this will be one of many Kenyan author interaction events to come.