Part 1

Dear Yoni
I know nothing about you,
But I do know of you,
Your thoughts are an alien to me,
Your actions all the more beguiling,
I have sought your depth,
In the basest of shallows,
Wanting only your nurturing warmth.
At the expense of your knowledge.

Dear Yoni,
You are a mystery,
You are not open to yieldless probing,
I have seen but glimpses,
Like a reflection on scattered shards,
You remain an enigma,
And I am without the cipher,
Though perpetually veiled,
It is my desire to unravel you.

Dear Yoni,
I have made you an end,
Rather than a means to an end,
You make me frustrated,
Yet from u, sated,
An all consuming force,
That still gives in exponential measure!
A duality I have not fully explored,
And therefore can only partially partake.

Amare Poeta

Part 3