Sometimes I wish you’d not shake my hand,
Because of the shivers that run down my spine,
When your palm touches mine,
And when your hand lingers in my grasp,
And our pulses seem to merge and beat as one.

Sometimes I wish you’d not look at me like that,
Because your eyes seem to tear through me,
Reading the secrets of my heart,
Unwritten, unsaid words from me to you,
Revealing secrets best left untold.

Sometimes I fast-forward my thoughts to tomorrow,
When we’re changing vows before God and man,
I try to look at you to see if you’ll love me for always,
Hold me through the storm; cover me from the sun,
Will our hearts forever be intertwined?

Somewhere in that future lies a tale,
Of love that matured from my dreams with you,
Of your loving warm gaze that became mine,
Of the many unsaid words whispered in your ear,
A tale from my heart to yours