Whiskey, whiskey, whiskey
Water, water, water
Drop after drop
Drown my sorrows in that goblet of salvation
That pit of destruction
That realm
Fire burning so bright, scorching, yet appealing
Wash me ashore
Let the vultures feed on my flesh
This pain is impossible to ignore

Blood, bright red clots of life
Drip, drip, drip
Run freely from my veins and make a trip
Illuminate my walls like a lamp
See, now they notice
Headlines from every corner
Destruction, their muse for gossip
The end is here already
The flower has withered, ’tis the end of its journey

Rope of destruction
Make a noose and stretch tightly
Snuff the very life out of me
Release this soul from pain
Let it wander the streets and fly away

Fire, burn this flesh to little bits
Let the embers shower around this vessel like confetti
Until the asses fill this crucible
The world is tired of this tirade
Scatter this mess to the four corners
Forget me not, I have lived

Indeed I have lived
I have sung the dirges of hope for the sunken spirit
Played the role of the pied piper
Alas I’m overcome by the forces
Inertia reigns supreme
I pray I find peace at the end of my journey
C’est la vie