© Mutua Matheka

Hay brown insignia of summer in savannah
On a prided sunny warm day a bath
Beneath the white curtains of Victoria Falls
Relaxing bath
One of the world’s seven wonders our pride

On the feet of Vumba Mountains we would walk
Pride Zimbabwe
Behind my home stead lies Antelope Park
Whose lions and lioness roaring soulfully time after time
On the stone Highveld lands, wild Flame lilies
Beautifies the African lands
Zebras, warthogs, elephant, buffalo
All nibble on the sultry pampas

Broad shaded umbrella trees
Offers sanctuary to the rest needy living thing
Giraffes barrow their necks in the clear White water
Mayhem with the brutes
Cheetahs rules the wild without kind

Smile again at Africa, upon the clear blue skies
You pleasure, dance and dine
For thus what Africa provides for the eye and the soul
To please at holidays you are home
To create ever lasting Memories
Africa smile at you arrival
Welcome to my Africa
Whose mud huts enshroud you in secretive comfort
Under the arms of our god- (anamwari) you are safe

alfred tembo