I was so excited, in fact, I was waiting eagerly for the day to end, so I could walk out of the squeezed room I called an office. I could hardly concentrate on the papers that I was filing because all I had was the nostalgia and flashes of him smiling, holding my hand, kissing my forehead and I just couldn’t help smiling. We had had rough times for nearly a month, but he was slowly coming back to me with a text once in a while, and a call just to say hey. But that day, he wanted me to spend the night at his place!

It was four o’clock, one hour to go and I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about us, I felt so re-energized just like I had felt the first time he was all mine all through the night. So I pushed away the files, sat on the wooden chair and for the first time ever since I walked into that office, I did not feel how painful it pressed right through my buttocks to my bones. “Tonight is going to be special; I will pass by the shopping mall.” I said to myself.  He says I look sexy on purple, but I knew I’m beautiful on pink too, so either could do. I grabbed my bag and closed the door decided, I was leaving early. After all, the boss was not around, and if anyone asked, I could tell them I had a headache or stomachache or maybe nausea could sound better.

It was always hard to get exactly what one wanted, but after moving from one stall to the other, I managed to get both. The purple one was also gorgeous but it was a bit long so I took the pink one because it was just above my knees and fitted me so well. I got to the matatu stage, it was so jammed, but not to worry, he usually came home at around nine meaning I could still make him his delicious meal in time and even wait a little longer before he came.

Those were the times I chopped the onions and let tears stream down my cheeks without a curse, and moments when I made myself feel like the African woman I am. I didn’t notice how fast time moved until I got back from the shower. It was actually half past nine and I was so sure he was going to knock on that door like he always did. I waited anxiously, and as time moved, I started betting he will in the next five minutes, ten or maybe fifteen! But he just didn’t show up yet I still waited. There was no way I was going to call him, he might think I am rushing him, it could even spoil the surprises I had.

I was still hopeful but I could not deny the fact that I was so hungry. And since I still wanted us to have the food together, I took small bites so that he could not notice that I had eaten a little. I couldn’t stand the cold either, so I took the pink night dress I had just bought, put it on and slipped into the blanket. After some time, I put off the light too, it was quarter to twelve! There were no more footsteps outside, so the anxiety was also dying down. Surprisingly, I was still sure he was coming; he had never slept out on me! Little by little, I was getting worried, he may have been caught up in traffic, yes, traffic, no robbery, no accident, nothing that can cause him harm.

From a distance, I hear matatu’s moving, and touts shouting and before I’m fully awake, I hear a push followed by a soft knock, I adjust the straps of my night dress and push my breast in the right place with enthusiasm. That must be him. But wait. What time is it? It’s past six in the morning! I feel anger, bitterness running inside me and all the excitement was lost suddenly, as I open the door. He was looking as stunningly handsome as usual!

“Baby! Did you wait all through the night? I am sorry…I met up with Anto, and Mesh and Deroo. You know him right? Then we had a chat and a small drink. Then we talked. I forgot. I was in the flat next door!” he said stammering, his hand stretched out to me, but I moved back until I knocked the table and before I knew it, the plates were on the floor in pieces and my sexy night dress, the one I so longed for him to come and see me on it, was stained with chicken soup! The delicious food I made just for him!

I snatched my bag and left pushing him aside just to have my way out. Damn, I am in a night dress! I can use the bathroom downstairs anyway!