The people have decided, it shall be well
Looking at how love is in the air
Nothing against tranquility and soberness
Will derail a people’s inner will and wish
Even the gods have decided, it shall be well

A look at the naysayers, they cringe at their own thoughts
Trying to prevent the will of the majority
For the sake of making themselves relevant
They forget the people’s conscious is clear
A time comes when the fool learns
Now their struggle for relevance is at risk
And they have to change tact
It shall be well for sure

The leaders have also decided, it needs to be well
They are aware of consequences of mediocre workmanship
Now they are all appraising of unity in purpose
From people of diverse creed, status and intellect
A time comes when a people’s will is supreme

That the future looks bright and all must take a stake
To guarantee todays and tomorrow grains
To ensure affirmative efforts are galvanized for posterity
The prosperity of human want and need is now safe
It shall be well by wish and effort, it shall be well