Only a slave mourns his master,
so I shed no tears for chivalry,
as real men don’t cry
hold the tears in, till it forms a noose round your neck
the weight of the world on your shoulder but feeling every least bit like Atlas
lost in the crossfire of this battle of mind versus heart
one being calm and collected, the other being broken and hurt
I seek an escape from the darkness that surrounds me
dark continent, black race, black skin and black nights
hanging on the edge
So I Jump.

It seems when you have much to say, few words are used
silence is my drug, and I the addict overdosed
slipping away in the hours of dawn, waiting
for if the sun never rises in the morning
will the early bird’s song be considered mourning
my eyes fail me
and I slowly drift into this dark abyss of nothingness.
The morning dew can not quench my thirst
confined to second, lost sight of first
in this race to find a purpose for life
live a life of purpose
but feeling like a pawn on god’s chess board,
wanting out of the game
So I Jump.

I jump to take flight
seek refuge in the clouds to escape the rain
hoping death gives me soothing from the pain
yet not all of us can be Peter Pan
and some have to jump into the fire
wake up in the dawn of reality
but still holding on to the dreams of my younger self
Note to self
life doesn’t get any better
but we celebrate, no matter how trivial
the gift of another day….

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