Falling in love is like having that first slice of pizza.
Before you venture into the restaurant
you’ve already given serious thought to finally eating pizza.

You hear the criticism and praises
but you feel that you are ready to make your own judgement.

So you get in line
hoping you’ve chosen a type that will live up to your expectations.
You make your move and quickly dart to your booth,

As you watch the waitress walk towards you with that hallowed plate held up high,
time slows down as your heart and stomach flutter in anxiety and excitement.

It is a foreign experience,a blissful delve into the unknown.

So as the plate sits before you
and you lift that heavenly slice to your lips,

your hands tremble with anticipation,
you cup your hand slightly
the pizza lies on your palm warm and inviting

Then you slowly sink your teeth in,
And it tastes just right,itz proportions and shape
are designed especially for your mouth.

It has a rich seductive smell,
the toppings are tantalizing,delicious and out of this world.

The smooth sides and the rough crust are the culinary ying and yang.
It is as it should be and much more…Perfect.

It is the Holy Grail,the Missing Link,
it seems like the answer to all of life’s questions.
Because nothing compares to it in your past or could top it in your future.

It is the perfect present…The Pizza
The One special man whose your Meat deluxe,
tripple the toppings and twice the delight,

He nourishes your soul and feeds your spirit,
As filling and precious as that first slice…