When cowards flee from the battlefield
With their tails between their legs
They carry their war
To unarmed men and women;
They turn their weapons on
The undefended and the defenceless.
Do your battle-hardened soldiers
Prove their valour and their bravery
By aiming their sights, and emptying their clips
Into the retreating backs of women
And at pleading, surrendered captives?
No matter how righteous your cause is,
Or how justified your convictions,
There is no God in heaven
Nor any sane person on earth
Who can spare a moment of sympathy
For the cause of such combatants;
Any moral authority, any wrongs you may have suffered
Cannot excuse your actions.
Your attempts at spreading Terror
Inspire instead a bold defiance
As an enraged nation grits its teeth
And swears to pursue justice –
Your attempts at dividing us
By spreading fear and suspicion
Serve instead to galvanise us
And unite us in a cause;
To hunt you down, you Coward,
You and those who sent you
To bring a swift and terrible justice
Upon you and your confederates.

The friends we’ve lost,
The sons and daughters you took
Are gone where we can’t follow.
But there is no hole in all the world
That can hide you from the shame,
The sure, inexorable justice
That their blood is crying out for.
So, salve your conscience with the pious utterings
That your leaders have brainwashed you into believing
Lay down your lives
In the unholiest form of war;
Receive, instead of the promised forty virgins
A thousand devils in Jahannam
To serve for an eternity
At Allah’s fiery displeasure;
You who kill, and maim, and slaughter
And torture –
And then call it God’s work
As if anyone but the Devil
Draws glory from your evil…