I am hurting so much on the inside
tired to give my love to a special someone
but that someone did not need my love
I feel dejected. I want to break down and cry

I was told that good things come to those who wait
Well. I have waited long enough
and my lack of patience led me to declare my stand
and declare love for the one who is always on my mind

Sometimes I get lost in thought
wondering why we experience this emotion called love
this bitter sweet emotion that causes joy and pain
this bitter sweet emotion that we just cannot describe

I am at a crossroad, caught up in a dilemma
what will I do if I meet my dream lover?
will we compliment each other in every aspect?
if the dream turns nightmarish, will we handle the truth?

it has been said before that love is a funny game
one moment you are royalty, next moment…scum of the earth
but it is inevitable. We all get caught up in this game
and never seem to have the answers to the questions of love