The doctrine is, Self before brother
Brother before clan, clan before tribe
Tribe before country, country before region
Some Beef over creed, some beef over religion
It never works, it just separates us
Mentality it segregates us
Sowing seed of disunity
Breeding callous apathy
When you think rather them
Than have it happen to me
That why we demand change
Like P.S.V. passengers
It’s not just about, pointing fingers
It is your thoughts, I want to triggers
To demand more, from ourselves
And more, from our brethren
Making brotherhood a pattern
Ensuring better days are certain
Giving everyone a fair chance
To make shot on the court
If they can play fair in sport
Why not in daily affairs
Insulating souls from despair
What sense is their really
In monopolizing a share
Having more than enough to spare
When you brother remains bare
This is far from physical
This is more ideological
And the weapons are mental
Would you be happy to settle?
Or change the situation