Sometimes I wonder
If things would be different,
Had you been around.
Would I still be as I am now,
Or would time have told
A different tale?

Sometimes I wonder
If you would be proud
Of me, of what I have done;
Proud to call me yours.
If every thought of me
Would fill you up with pride?

Sometimes I wonder
What is it you
Would have told me,
In our endless conversations –
(I am sure we would have had many of those) –
Small tidbits of advice
On the what’s and whatnots of society.

Sometimes I wonder
About all the things you
Would have taught me
From one man to another,
From a father, to his son.

Sometimes I wonder
How it would feel
Coming to you in tears,
In need of a shoulder to lean on;
Ranting on and on about my misfortunes.
Being comforted by your presence
And soothing words.

Sometimes I wonder
How secure I would feel
Knowing that you
Would always be there,
Ready to defend me –

Sometimes I wonder
How you would react
To the love of my life.
Would she meet your approval,
And your blessings,
Or would I, dejected
Bade her goodbye?

Sometimes I wonder
How being in your arms
Would feel like.
Lifting me up high,
Feeling so safe, so secure

Sometimes I wonder
If I may somehow
Have wronged Him,
For Him to have taken
You from me so soon,
And if so, how?

Sometimes I wonder
If you are up there
Looking down at me,
Guiding and protecting me,
And still proud to call me yours.