Can the streak of light still pierce the dark clouds?
Can the brightness still light up the darkness?
To reflect the radiance of the beauty hidden,
To awaken the vibrancy and colorful vastness.

Back when the trees swayed and danced in the wind,
Back when the gushing sounds of the river’s waters sang the flow,
Back when the soil was red and soft and worms knew where to hide,
Back when the rains soaked wet and tasted of purity,
Back when nature’s harmony was peace and tranquil.

But we noticed not the dance of the trees,
Nor heard the sounds of the river’s flow,
Nor enjoyed the feel of the soft red soil,
Nor tasted and quenched our thirst with the rain’s pure drops,
And we disrupted the harmony and were at war with nature.

Do we not dance to the bird’s songs?
Do we not enjoy the powerful fast ride of the horse?
Do we not tell tales of the mighty roar of the lion?
Do we not imitate the fish and enjoy the warm oceans?

So the rains dried and clouds scattered,
A dreary sight of dry river beds spotted with smooth edged rocks,
And cracks ran across the land, the soil swept away by the dry winds as dust,
The sun shone with hatred and its rays browned the green grass,
A proof of selfish hearts and destructive greed.