Hey you…
I would see you there, lurking, smirking, and irking the hell out of me
Stealing glances, taking chances.
Acting like you were beyond my reach,
Beyond, breach
my itch.
Because that’s what it is now,
My rage a fully-fledged raging itch!

Always thwarting me
Two, Three steps away from my grasp
Slithering away like the duplicitous, infamous snake in the garden of eden
Sensuously meeting my gaze and all of sudden beyond my visual periphery

You will be mine,
Then I will return the favour
Like a Siamese twin, I shall be joined at your hip
Walk through the dark halls of your lair
Riffle through your most prized possessions
Clutching your under shirts and committing their scent to memory
Leaving my floral scent in my wake
To invade your senses even after my departure

Oh what comfort you brought me these past few weeks
Always watching,
Your gaze like a forbidden caress,
The hint of your spicy, slightly sweaty, earth tones
Filling my senses long after your departure

Stalker, My stalker
All Mine.
Where did you go?

I mourn your departure.
Or did I imagine it?