Whitewashed edifices
Like grand elephants
Purported to be of
Public benefit
Files mysteriously appearing – disappearing
Hushed conversations, hushed con versions
Siphoning monumental colossal sums
White collar hoodlums
No Nothing to see here

Amazing maize maze
Evasive maneuvering like quick haze
In your face, like household secrets
Known yet not known, Said yet not boldly
Boundaries taken
Minorities forsaken
Voiced! Braying on microphones
No Nothing to see here

Churning emotions misleading the masses
Strengthen “the party”
The masses cry why?
We have been compromised
We have no say, no pay, no way
Justice wears a cast
Dubious is its light
No nothing to see here

Blinded masses like poisoned rats
Aimlessly running from the prey
Careening to laid out traps at bay
Caught in the seams of intrigue
Not realizing the players are the major league
Notoriety dons cloth and collar
Innocence in pretentious demeanour
No nothing to see here