Envelopes his brooding
Tortured demeanor
Dreams that haunted him
Leave him lost

He braces himself
Sweet pain courses
He is lost from the world
Searching through the records
That spill over his fingers
Into the plastic
Through the strings
Outwards to the earth

His eyes reveal nothing
Shielded for far too long for him to remember
Why doesn’t he notice me?
She pleads to her mind
For she is all he knows
And he is all she craves for

He sways on
Lost in the intensity of his own demeanor
Trying to reach out to her trough her own cries
But he never could let go
Let go of the darkness that knows no bounds
That knows no limits
For all he cares for
Was lost a long time ago
In a wicked way
She is the nimble being
Set down far from arm’s length
That reels him in
That sets him free

His far too much
More than he or she could ever calculate
Logic defeats purpose
For they are one in the same
They are but mirror images
Set apart by time
Set apart by the pain
That brings them both pleasure
One that is indescribable
one that is lost amongst the darkness