By false reflection, the eyes flicker,
Still as the day ends, my hopes ticker,
By bestial acts, jibes, scoffs and taunts,
With new charisma my ardour flaunts.
I own my world, I am my own master!
For certain, one day the world will be my oyster,
Derailment I’ll greet with a wink
Capture lost moments in ink
Facing toughest ordeals, my heart says shalom
At failures – and wait till the seedling is sown,
Even in sorer; like shores scratched by silent sand,
I’ll wait till I get a sapling in my hand,
Though fears, blot my notions with clauses,
I will pitch my defense, and wait for a round of applause,
I will make it different; fetter the locks of criticism,
For mine is a tiara of happiness; my key is optimism.

© aisha salim