Their God is patient,
Their God is kind,
And thats why they speak to Him only Sometimes,

Like those times when the storms are raging and they seek sturdy ports,
Or when they wake up screaming,fear and worry clouding their hearts,

Other times they wake up happy,
That day that their plans work out or they get lucky,

Those days that darkness presses past shut eyelids and into the mind,
Or when they remember the dearly departed souls that were one of a kind,

That Monday they start out broke but have a hanye they simply must attend,
That Sunday they cross their torsos with holy water and on wooden panels
press their knees as they promise God they will not offend,

That odd day they open-mindedly watch programs with religious focus,
And dance unabashedly to their favourite Kirk chorus,

That silent moment after sacriledge or sacrifice,
Or when they gaze upon the marvels of the earth and quiet appreciation will not suffice,

Then is when they turn to Him,with a shaky whisper for protection,
a joyful praise,a naked desire for blessings & guidance
or a reflective shout out of gratitude,

Only then…
Because they’ve made Him their God of Sometimes,

The sum of times turned to Him in prayer or praise do not number the hairs on their head,
And yet He knew them from their mother’s womb,made their destiny
a journey of dreams and not dread,

‘Them’ and ‘they’ seem like others,
But really its you &me and this is habit is ours,

If God remembers us ALL of the time,lets us have His breathe of Life and more besides,
Don’t you think it’s about time we made Him the God of Here & Now, not just of sometimes?…