Blanket clouds of darkness plastered in the air like graffiti.
I push open the black steel gates and I’m greeted by an army of crosses,
That spit out a confidence found only in hypocrites.
Heaps of fresh earth stand guard besides me.
My feet sweep through the concrete named slabs.
Slow at first,
Then a little faster,
Until I wade into a circle of coffins.

I lay myself amongst the dead and I awake.
I spread my fingers slowly over the cracks,
Of their hearts,
And mine seals its wounds.
I breathe in the deceased to cease my death,
To revive my light.
A chorus of sighs teaches my soul how to laugh,
How to feel the warmth by laying me on ice.

Demented spirits dance a rain dance around me,
That showers my present,
Nourishing visions of my future.

I brush through the heaps of skeletons around me,
Tear through the blankets of dark,
Through the silence,
Past it all – and I leave,
Filled with life inspired by death.

© adelle o. (her blog)