I look at you look at me
Something moves in me
I can tell you want to say something
Then you hesitate
We both get lost in our thoughts
Me in the past; you in the future

I had everything
A small child with a quick smile
Soon as I got into the world
The village took me for their own
Loved me
Lived through me
Owned me

I knew to live right
A first born with expectations
The world to take over
Dreams of the village to bring to light
A name to give to the village
Beyond the hills and the valleys

And yet I had nothing I wanted

Then he happened
A chilly morning changed everything
Walking to the farm I saw him
He saw me see him and smiled
That smile sealed the deal
I knew and he knew
We both knew
I had been marked for love

Then you happened
Surprise. Surprise. Surprise.
My small belly your home
You brought tears to my heart
While warming it at the same time
I loved you then and have ever since

The village daughter with child
No. No. No.
They disowned me
Cursed me in hushed tones
Talked about me in the day, in the night
He escaped their curses not
He had robbed them off me
Broken their very own hearts

In the dead of one night I ran away
To his village, to him, to his heart
And have been here ever since
We built a small hut in the farm
We raised you among the green
You bloomed and so did our love
Finally I had everything I wanted

I look at you now lost in another world
And I know I have been marked
Marked for the future
I have to teach you to choose a path of your own
To mark your own life
I have to do this if you are to live your life.