Have you ever wanted
To be with someone,
To talk and laugh with abandon,
Of past nostalgic moments
And the hopes of your new life;

Have you ever wanted
To hold someone close,
To feel the warmth of their embrace,
As the rhythm of your heartbeats
Makes you fall in love, again and again?

Have you ever wanted
To lose yourself in a passion
So pure
So perfect

Have you ever smiled
At the thought of someone,
Day and night
And wondered if
They think of you too?

Have you ever made a mistake
That caused a tear to fall –
Watched it caress so tender a visage,
And chocked with the guilt thereafter
Long after your own?

Have you ever felt,
A longing so great,
A craving so immense,
For just one more sunset
In each other’s arms?

Have you ever really,
Known the true meaning of love?
I think I do –
If what I feel for you,
Is true.