Herein is the verdict of the case of the Host Female Vs the “Society”.
In the matter of ascertaining ownership of the vagina,
As a tangible and intellectual property,
And award of right of use and proper acknowledgement!

It was proven that there were attempts made by the “Society” at
Hostile possession of the vagina by a number of “sex advice” columns,
Which were geared at influencing the choice and number of tenant,
To either an animate or inanimate nature!

This was countered by the “Society” by claims of misappropriation of the vagina,
Being allegedly used as a tool of extortion of tenants for,
Workplace advancement, money, societal status, marriage and emotional stability,
And cited extreme cases where tenants were said to abandon reason for an extended lease!

To this the Host Female also made a counter claim,
In which she accused the “Society” of lewd and lascivious actions,
That painted the vagina in a less than honorable manner, promoting joint tenancy,
Debasing host females, hostile possession, tenancy under sufferance and unsavory synonyms!

The Host female continued that the “Male Society”
Had made obvious attempts at adverse occupancy,
Veni Vidi Vici complex, unschooled actions to declare possessory interests,
And failure to properly acknowledge the virtue and status of the vagina!

This court therefore finds in favor of the plaintiff, Host Female,
Categorizing all acts and accusations made here as criminal acts,
Awarding, power of eviction, right of use and orders proper acknowledgement of the vagina,
To the host female in so long as there in no proof of misappropriation!

The Doppelganger