• Freespoken – Poetry and thought pieces coated with humour, sometimes satire and other times just plain life’s ironies, from a variety of talented writers and poets are featured here.
  • Mutheu’s Blog – Her poetry and musings are contemporary, introspective and speak to the heart.
  • Cereal In a Box – Poetry with a realization that life is short & one must only pursue only worthwhile goals in the brevity that is our time.
  • Bee Illustrated – This blog is a portrayal of the various sides of this girl who has experienced life in various places. It is a combination of real life experiences and literary pieces.
  • My Poetry Scrapbook – The blogger seeks to uncover the most basic question. Why? Free flowing non pretentious poetry that comes true and gets you thinking.
  • The Adventures of A Former Kenyan Campus Girl – Interesting stories from a former student in a Kenyan campus living her life one day at a time and going through the motions of a skewed social life, wondering what life has in store for her.
  • Valentia – Simple college girl who blogs about her life, her pet peeves and quirks, relationships, discussions she has with her girlfriends, random thoughts in her head and her interests which include: Music, food, books and shoes.
  • Rafiki Kenya– A personal diary accounting Rafiki’s thoughts on product news, music offerings, funny facts, videos and life in general.
  • Kenyan Freelancer – Creatives-for-hire detailing their ups and down of spreading and sharing their creative juices around.
  • Me I Think – A blog by a unique Kenyan girl who writes her thoughts, emotions and her qualms with society’s issues and endeavours to fight for the rights of all Kenyans and especially those marginalized and ostracised by the society
  • The Trot & The Run – Thoughts that have collected over the past few years and are still sedimenting day by day in the mind of an actuarial working towards qualification as an actuary.
  • Revealed – It chronicles the life of a girl who is clueless on life, love, work. Look out for her weekly post ‘TGIFridays’ and monthly post ‘1st of the month’.
  • Snippets Of My Life – The blog revolves around the blogger’s thoughts about day to day situations, issues, would be’s, have beens and random ideas about different things.
  • The Private Thoughts Of A Young Kenyan – A collection of his thoughts,feelings and experiences.
  • She blossoms – A personal look at life, identity, writing inside an upside down mind.
  • Dirge of the City is a satirically pessimistic blog by Shamit Patel & it’s a fusion of misanthropy, harsh truths, bad humour and subtle hope & it talks about problems with life in contemporary Kenya.
  • Michael – Ever wanted to sit back and just reflect? Every Sunday this young man gives you something to chew on while you laze around the house or go through your Sunday doing whatever you do.
  • The Princess Project – A space where entertainment, art and information meets. The main feature is the weekly episode of the Creekside Princess, which follows the life of a young woman discovering the world, herself and life
  • BintiM– Part rambling, part storytelling but mostly just giving a voice to the tribe in her head.
  • Kainvestor – Personal thoughts and opinions on business and financial issues in Kenya and across Africa by a young finance aficionado
  • Motogari – Packed with high quality photos, the blog is a one stop shop for everything motoring, from exotic supercars to affordable 1800cc cars.
  • Kenyan Poet – A Kenyan Online artistic Space for news, information, reviews and features on creative and performing arts.
  • Invest in Kenya – A blog about investing and doing business in Kenya. The Nairobi Stock Exchange, AgriBusiness, Real Estate; this blog basically tries to highlight the outstanding investing/business opportunities in this frontier market.
  • Thinker’s Room – Satire. Humour. Politics. Life. And any combination thereof.
  • Urbane Kenyan – A blog by Zack Mukewa with commentary, experience and opinion on just about everything in society, business, finance. Social escapades, situations, places, relationships and people. Stories from my crumpled pad every often.
  • Inkdrops – Jacque’s blank slate where inks from the depths of the mind drop in form of simple musings, fantasies of a creative mind, journeys of life………ink drops of all sorts…
  • Soko Directory – This website tries to narrow the gap of information disparity in the finance world in Kenya from a factual point of view through researched articles and analysis. It covers the entire breadth of finance, real estate, stock market, tax, business consultancy and youth wealth creation.
  • [mark:my words]Mark Kaigwa’s musings on Creativity, Technology, Advertising and Innovation. One of East Africa’s leading social media minds sharing trends and opinion from across the African continent and the globe.  (for less serious stuff follow his Posterous blog)
  • Kaffy Mwangi – This blog seek to replace the norm of poetry,by approaching life under a different scope. His poetry technique juggles life experiences with literature that gives birth to a poetry style that is unorthodox to
    the missionary way of expression.
  • The Village Beauty – A city girl by birth, step into the Village Beauty’s realm where she gives us window into her world- the global village.
  • Creative Spillz – A new generation of writers.The blog is a compilation of short stories and poetry.
  • A Thoroughbred living like a Donkey – a blog about personal musings but lately about life in Nairobi as well as communication
  • The Fashion Notebook – Because “Life is too short to blend in with the crowd”.
  • Poetry philharmonic – is an orchestra of words, of sentiments and of dreams, of life’s passions and it’s truths, of our fears and our hopes accordingly.
  • Unapologetically-Female – A woman’s musings about her favourite subject,life. Bits and pieces from her encounters both as a fly on the wall and as an active participant in the life story.
  • Iquira Kenya – It is a platform for the blogger to share her jewelry and tell the stories behind the pieces she makes.
  • Black Roses – In depth journey into the ups and downs of relationships put down in poetry & continuous prose. It is also a peek into the bloggers love for music & traveling!
  • Broke, amusing and genius – The intelligent and adversely deep/superficial ramblings of a self-proclaimed narcissist who truly believes that she is the bee’s knees.
  • Diasporadical – Just a few Kenyans sharing perspectives and stories creating a platform for laughter, discussion and change.
  • Just For You – “I endeavor to express my being in my pieces from the love I wish i had to the death i suffer at night. All these expressed just for you.”
  • Murasta – Stories from a girl who is learning to embrace and love her imperfections.
  • Peperuka – is a blog run by a French-speaking couple, Peperuka and TheBigBoss and it is one of the rare blogs written in Nairobi by foreigners (although they have been in Kenya for so long that they fall in that identity crisis hole).
  • Soul Spinster – The soliloquy of a Kenyan lady who questions whether marriage is worth all the time, energy and sacrifice women put into it.
  • Getting on The Runaway – A young model’s journey from obscrurity to some of the world’s hottest runways. A step by step telling of the trials, tribulations and achievements the gorgeous ingénue faces-all done in heels!
  • Drops From My Soul – A Blog by a young woman-simply writing out her heart in form of prose and poetry…sharing whatever may inspire, challenge, motivate, move her thoughts in her day to day life.
  • Day 1 – Stories from a girl who is learning to embrace and love her imperfections.
  • Mangidiomosh – Poems about life and everything it entails all through the eyes of a Kenyan youth.
  • Confessions Of Aquila –  This blog is all about saying what needs to be said. The blogger’s message to the world is: Africa isn’t poor,just mismanaged.
  • Life of A Gigging Musician – This blog  gives an inside scoop on what really goes on in musicians’ lives,it’s not glitz and glamour. Will be featuring stories/testimonials from some of Kenya’s finest musicians.
  • Opalo  – A blog about the politics of economic development in Africa and general commentaries on current events in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Unsaid But Written – A realistically challenged girl’s random thoughts on writing and related phenomena, blogging, social media, food, and life in general.
  • Mad Blogger – A personal blog about the blogger’s life; naughty escapades, two-bob advice and mad rants. Actually anything goes!
  • Freelance Content Creator – A blog that reports on industry trends in social media marketing and content creation and also offers useful tips on the same.
  • Mendi – A wanderlust Kenyan currently living in Ethiopia. Features posts and photos on travel, politics, and African issues.
  • DevelopKenya – A collaborative blog by young Kenyan thinkers who track developmental change in Kenya.
  • Ghafla! Kenya – Kenyan entertainment website containing content (music lyrics and entertainment news) from Kenya and the East African region.


47 thoughts on “Blogroll

  1. I venture to add two blogs to your list:

    iddsalim.com/blog (coding – IT)
    potashke.blogspot.com (a kenyan urban narrative)

  2. we’ve been buddies since I set mine eyes on this magnificient WAMATHAI. Thanks Idecided to link n I’m not logging off any time soon.

    A slam poet n musician!

  3. @ Wamathai: Just curious, is it possible to recommend other blogs that have a different feel from the above? You know; something far out but creatively done?

    I regularly drop by here and i love it coz it’s all artsy & indie cool…but sometimes, i’m in the mood for something different. i.e, I think Ayn Rand’s books are mind blowingly awesome, but sometimes i’ll want to sample Terry Prachett & Stephen king no?

  4. Nice article… gonna add some blogs to my RSS when I have some time

    Why not adding mine ?

    If you speak French (or want to improve your French) and love Kenyan art and stuff….

    visit my blog http://peperuka.com


  5. James wamathai is a legend.I truly want to be like you but most importantly join you.I want to start my own blog because I believe I can write.I Would trully appreciate your help

  6. Dear Wamathai,

    I would appreciate it if you would consider featuring my blog on the blogroll above?

    Kind regards,


  7. Some blogs I have visited, some not yet. Time to check them out and connect with their owners. Thanks for the list.

  8. I might be a little late to the game but if you are a little adventurous and a little naughty you might want to look at zanzerose.blogspot.com

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