About Amare Poeta

Julie Auma, commonly known as Amare Poeta or her other lesser known alter egos; Doppelganger or Black Widow, is part of 2 different poetry homes; The Awakening and Hisia Zangu. She pens on injustices and commentaries on varied subjects. When writing she says, ‘I want everyone who reads any of my pieces to carry something away with them to inspire them or make them re-think certain aspects of life’.

Her mantra is not to waste the God-given sunshine.

She blogs at http://aumaj.wordpress.com , tweets @amarepoeta. She lives, works and writes in Nairobi, Kenya.

Herein is the verdict of the case of the Host Female Vs the “Society”.
In the matter of ascertaining ownership of the vagina,
As a tangible and intellectual property,
And award of right of use and proper acknowledgement!

It was proven that there were attempts made by the “Society” at
Hostile possession of the vagina by a number of “sex advice” columns,
Which were geared at influencing the choice and number of tenant,
To either an animate or inanimate nature! Continue reading