About Ngartia

Ngartia is a theatre, arts and film technology student at Kenyatta university. He is passionate about books, films, poetry and photography. He is also a tech enthusiast and an aspiring know it all. You can connect with him via Twitter and his Blog.

One day,
A storm of courage will whirl around me,
Its hailstones will hit and wash my fear off,
Self doubt and pity will drip from my chest –
Like termite walls off a drenched log.

On that day,
I will hand you these words of wanton want –
Torn and worn around the edges,
From repetitive shuffling between tongue and throat –
And then, with confidence singing through my pores,
You will hear nothing in them but radiant beauty.

I wake up wandering through the peripheries of Eden,
Clouds clothe the rising sun;
Casting cool shadows upon us.
Contentedly, Eve smiles beside me,
I smile too.

Last night we created a storm:
Violently tore through paradise;
Swirling and whirling
bending and swinging
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There comes a time when, emotions, one cannot deride.
When, a feeling, man can no longer abide to hide.

When such a moment befell young Albert Mwiti, he made a decision;
Grabbing a keyboard and hitting each key with uttermost precision,
He summoned all the artistry he had learnt from books and teachers,
Then slowly thought over every word and laid out a verse:

I shut my eyes and see your face
Every night, on my cold bed
Hugging my pillow, I wish for warmth
For your rhythmic breathing and heartbeats
Your scent, intoxicating fragrance
The static of your glorious body
The arches and column of your nose
The fine line of your mouth
Which holds that fatal smile
Kissing me
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