About Michael Kwambo

Michael is the Communications Officer at the Kenya Rugby Union. He is also a blogger,poet and musician in his spare time.

I am hurting so much on the inside
tired to give my love to a special someone
but that someone did not need my love
I feel dejected. I want to break down and cry

I was told that good things come to those who wait
Well. I have waited long enough
and my lack of patience led me to declare my stand
and declare love for the one who is always on my mind

Sometimes I get lost in thought
wondering why we experience this emotion called love
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Pastor James Ng’ang’a

Supposed to be the conscience of the nation
But how do we explain rich pastors and poor congregations
These days’ church and bible have drifted apart
We place more value on entertainment, edification, vilification
We prefer fire and brimstone to saving the souls of men
Can I hear you all in the congregation say amen! Continue reading

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Here come the politicians; Governors,Senators, M.P wannabes
Spending lots of money trying to impress me
They say they have the road map to set me free
So I just look at them as I wait to see
Will they deliver me from poverty, ignorance and disease?
Will they enable me to live a life of ease?
I have issues that I need to have addressed
Like, why is it insecurity,poverty and unemployment are the order of the day?
Is it a crime being young and out of a job? Continue reading