He took a sip from one of the bottles of wine in his wine cabinet but spit it even before he could get to the sink. It was his favorite brand and he always had a couple of glasses before bedtime but he weirdly thought that it was stale on that night. His cabinet was fully stocked so he opened another bottle but he couldn’t get past the second sip. He realized that maybe it wasn’t the wine and it was weird that his problems were keeping him away from alcohol instead of drawing him to it.

He did not know who he had become anymore. He had lost his real self somewhere along the way and he lost the things that made him happy. Earlier on he had thought that it was because he had stayed away from his parents for too long so he visited but that did not make things any better. In fact, it only left him more burdened since his grandfather who was old and sickly mentioned that he would love a young boy to keep the flame of his name alive. And since he was the only son of his parents and the eldest grandchild, he knew that the clan was impatiently waiting for his male offspring.

He knew that women got pressured about their biological clock but he thought it funny that he was already being pressured to get a wife yet he was barely thirty. He had built his parents their dream house and he was providing for his grandparents comfortably but for a moment he realized that maybe money was not everything. It would have been easy if he was already seeing someone but his town life was messed up and he was not sure any female he knew wanted to be associated with him. He was largely considered an undesirable bachelor and it weirdly disheartened him to know that he would meet his grandfather’s needs except that one.

There are a few things he needed to set right in his life and one was his alcohol intake. He could not control himself around alcohol and it was the reason his cabinet was always full- he did not want to need alcohol and not get it. He was lucky enough that he had money to support that lifestyle but he knew it would not be too long until he reached his end. So he called his doctor and arranged to be booked for an alcohol rehab program. It was the least he could do to get his life on track, if not for himself, then for his offspring and for his grandfather.