Resorting to irreverence
In a bid to remain relevant
They have our ears, they have our hearts
And they whisper…
Into our minds through tubes –
Call it thought transfusion –
Tales of murder, lies and crime
Bugattis on rims
Stacks on deck
Hoes in the back
And choppers in the trunk…
They exaggerate their lifestyle
Try their best to make us like them
Then they whisper in our ears
And make us want to be just like them
’Cause all the bad bitches
Hang with their dawgs
None of them use their brain –
Except when they’re going down –
Yeah, all their girls be D-graded
And they’ll say anything just to sound ‘hard’
Lie about anything
Cross any line
And nobody cares, as long as it rhymes
Even when their art
Degenerates into blasphemy
We say it’s just a song
And we don’t agree with them
But we still nod our heads…