Different people are known to react differently during their moments of weakness. For some, crying is the utmost sign of falling apart while for others, locking out the world is what helps them get above their weaknesses. Truth be told, failure is never easy on most of us especially when it involves things that we have worked so hard to achieve. It could be an interview that we had focused so much on or a task that determines if we keep our jobs or not. Sometimes we fail so many times yet we usually have worked harder each time and giving up seems like the most plausible choice after each loss.

Failure can mean performing below our expectations yet the performance is generally above par, or it could mean performing below par as a whole. The definition of failure is different for every individual and even when we fail as a group, some people are affected more than others. Group fails are usually harder to take in especially for the people who put in most effort. Some people view failure as synonymous to defeat and it they are sore losers then they have a hard time dealing with failure. Others associate failure with lack of mental or physical ability and

One thing that should be common for us regardless of how easily we accept failure is the desire to improve. Failure leaves us feeling that we could do better and we should always take up the challenge. Sometimes we do not meet targets however attainable they seem so that the failure nudges us to work so hard that we break records. Other times, however, we fail so that we have a chance at succeeding at something else so it is usually important to analyze each fail differently.

So are you a sore or graceful loser? How do you react when you feel that you could have done better than someone else? Do you get to enjoy and learn so much from a process that you leave as a better person regardless of the results? When you get less than half or nothing at all from an activity, it would help to remember that even the best fall down sometimes. Knowing that failure happens to best of us ought to encourage us to push our best efforts to produce better results. Oh, and as we contemplate on what is important for us between the process and the results, let’s remember that failure shouldn’t be an everyday thing. Once in never is enough.