While everyone got excited about the completion of Thika Highway because of its aesthetic appeal or that it would take less time to move about, I was busy getting excited that road signs were using silhouettes. Back in the day, an impression of a boy or girl was made by joining a head and a few ‘sticks’ for the limbs. Road signs would show such a picture of a boy and girl to imply that motorists should be careful about children crossing the road at that point. It could be part of HOW the ‘I got your back’ meme came about.

git your back meme

I have a weird appreciation for silhouettes. I think they give more meaning to photos by bringing to our attention things that we normally would not notice because we are distracted by the color or smiles of people in photos. They hide the imperfections like skin breakouts and instead allow the outline to give a great general appearance. Unkempt hair many times looks cooler on silhouettes. A related trend is the preference for sepia or black and white photos which proves that many times it’s not about the colour but the underlying beauty. Don’t mind me, but I think silhouettes are ‘deep’ in a way.


I think silhouettes on road signs make them a lot easier to identify with. They make them feel real and motorists are more likely to take them seriously. They are also easy on the eye so they would catch the attention of even the most focused drivers. Besides, they give passengers reason to keep awake and appreciate art as they cruise through the Highway.