The sewer system had blocked for almost a week and though the council officials had ignored it, calls to unblock it were intensifying so they gave in. Some of the waste water had begun to spill onto major roads and most roads would be impassable if it rained even for an hour. The officials went out on Saturday afternoon with dredgers and all other equipment that they thought would be useful. Many times the system was blocked by accumulated silt or solid wasted but this time the solid waste was far from what they had expected. It was a lifeless body that was now rotting.


They all called him Kim. It was short for Kimotho but few bothered enough to find out. He was a good man; kind hearted, just and honest. He had a wife and one child and he lived in a humble home in the outskirts of the neighboring town. He was hard working and he maintained a simple lifestyle. He had done several jobs before he got his driver’s license so landing a job with a local cab company was his big break.

Kim’s wife loved him dearly and their son respected and looked up to him. He didn’t own much but he earned his living honestly and was a near-perfect husband and father. He was sociable too and it had not taken him too long to get established. Many people trusted him and though he never hiked fares, he almost always got an extra income from tips thanks to his remarkable service. He spent most of his days at the designated spot for his cab and on the night he went missing, he had chosen to stay a little later than the other cab drivers so that he could earn bonuses to pay for his son’s school trip. He got a client who needed to be taken to the next town and that was the last anyone saw of him or the car, well, until his body was dredged out by the council officials.

It was hard to imagine that someone disliked him enough to want him dead and that fact made coming to terms with the death an arduous task. The questions were unending and they often went unanswered. Some thought it was competition but those in Kim’s inner circle knew that he was friendly and reasonable at his workplace. There were no known feuds or unresolved conflicts. His wife could not imagine a life without the love of her life and she was not sure how she would raise their son. She had nightmares every single night and though they left her apprehensive, she hoped that she would unmask the face of the inhumane murderer at least in her dreams.