Party like Dionysius
Bring the fun and drinks to us
Drink like we possess a
Liver like Prometheus’;
After the revelries of Bacchus
The hangovers that attack us,
The bloodshot eyes that never bleed
The wheezing lungs that barely breathe
Come with the territory, like title deeds;

Call the shots like umpires
Shun daybreak like vampires
Jager is our master
Than chasers we are faster –
So we’re straight shooting like
Expert marksmen, masters of
Call of Duty Dragunovs
Heeding warnings not at all
Screw the writing on the wall!
Keep going, never looking back,
Daniel couldn’t tell me jack…

“Real G’s don’t get married, hoe!
I’ve got lots of money so
Just keep jumping up and down
For these coins like Mario!”
[Some dudes surround themselves with girls
So they can feel like princes
Me, I take a single one
And treat her like a princess]
Most guys will say anything
There’s nothing they won’t mention
All out to exploit you like
SMS’s from a prison
Once they get it, they just split
Like white light through a prism –
Girls to them are just trophies
They always want another one
Some declare they’ve more silverware
Than Alex Ferguson
Like Ronaldo, you think you’ve got them, then you blink –
And they’re off to score another one.

Have blacked out lungs and burnt out brains
Clogged up hearts, varicose veins
Sluggish and soporific
The rate at which we down the pizzas really is terrific
Two by two for me and you
Tear into it like a shark
Two by two for me and you
Like they’re going in the Ark
I’m not sure how we can cure
This curious malady
We’re chugging up the soda
Like dredgers on Magadi
And, like them, we have no use for the water
Rush for the Sprite first
When you need to quench your thirst
Ballooning bodies and weight-loss shows
Dumbbells on the ground –
The closest we come to exercise
Is picking up the pounds.
Or reaching for the oh-so remote control
Will somebody remind me just when
It was we lost control?

Time goes by, we live fast and hard
Waistlines – and skins – grow thicker
Coronary artery?
More bypasses than Thika…
But man, it was legendary
How we lived our lives!
Partied hard, drank harder,
And dead at thirty-five…